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Five For Friday +2…8/7/11

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I’m back! Since I was on vacation all week, this will have to be the vacation edition of Five For Friday.

1.  Medical Stuff:

My PT gave me permission to “just relax and enjoy the week” since I was on vacation.  However, I did do one day of rehab at the beach house, which I quickly figured out was not enough.  After 5 days of no rehab, I began to feel like my joints were coming unglued again.  It is amazing how fast my joints start to go downhill, without doing any strengthening.  At one point, I picked CeCe Baby up, and my shoulder popped out of socket.  Thankfully, my Mom was there to catch her.  Good to know, but also a big reality check that rehab will forever be a part of my life to maintain function.  Needless to say, I will be back at it hardcore tomorrow…

2.  On the first day of vacation, I dropped my camera on the way to the beach, and it immediately broke.  I am feeling very lost without it.  I will be using Brad’s school camera until I decide on a new camera to buy.

3.  We started our vacation off rockin’ in Grand Rapids.  We went to Billy’s Bar to hear Steppin’ In It play with Jill, Daric, Carolyn, and Bill.  When I experience a Steppin In It show, it always amazes me that they are not bigger than they are.  You can’t catch that good of a show these days for just 5 bucks.  It’s Heaven, I tell ya.

4.  We got to our beach house in Grand Haven on Saturday.  First stop after unpacking?  The beach of course.  Lake Michigan was so warm, and we caught an amazing sunset. That was the moment I knew that we were in for an incredible week.

5.  I think I gained 1462627 pounds this past week.  A zillion trips to Ms. Lisa’s for ice cream will do that to you.  Nuts and berries for me from here on out. 

+1.  The boys (Dad, Doug, Brad, Jake, Gabe, D.J.) went on a fishing charter trip on Thursday. They brought home 50+ pounds of salmon.  Yum.  Let’s just say we will be “Forrest Gumping” it for quite some time…Salmon cakes, salmon stew, salmon burgers, salmon skewers, salmon pie, baked salmon, grilled salmon, lemon salmon, blackened salmon….

+2.  Other Highlights:

  • Beach, beach, and more beach.
  • Beautiful weather.
  • Playing CRANIUM!  And my sister’s firing me from the creative cat category.
  • Dancing on the 3rd floor balcony with Dad always singing 5 notes behind.
  • Major bonding time with Brad, Mom, Dad, Kritt, Jake, Allie, Gabe, Cecilia, Holly, Khristy, Katy Rose, D.J., Sue, Doug, Jill, Daric, Jameson, Cami.
  • Tubing, Jet skiing, water volleyball, tacos, and trampolining at the Izzo’s.
  • Making Coach Izzo pinky swear that he would be kind to me while I was on the tube, and him keeping his promise.
  • Seat Drop and Add On Wars.
  • Showing the boys up on the tubes.
  • Watching CeCe Baby become addicted to Lucky Charms and Iphones.
  • Khristy’s omelette’s every morning.
  • Coast Guard Week…watching the ships come in.
  • Swimming in crazy waves while watching the crazy surfers.
  • The third floor nightly hangouts and talks.
  • Doug cheating at Euchre.  (That’s why we won).
  • Elmo’s World and Elmo’s ABC’s over and over and over again…
  • Being able to hear the musical fountain from our balcony.
  • Katy and I making brownies.
  • Daily recharging naps.
  • Andy on a stick.
  • Getting “scolded “at night because our giggles were keeping Gabe awake.
  • Mom chucking corn.
  • So many deer.
  • Katy Rose “waxing” my eyebrows everyday.
  • Brad and my jet ski ride.
  • Amazing food all the time.
  • Brad saying on the way home..”Okay, now I have MAJOR baby fever.”
  • Simply, getting away from it all and being immersed in what life is all about…
Living. Family. Lots of Love.

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