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Five For Friday 2/10/17

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I will say it again…this flu is NO Joke. The respiratory part just doesn’t want to leave me. I’m ready to part ways though. My ribs are REALLY ready.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • No PT this week. Sick. Blah.
  • No Home Rehab. Sick. Blahhhh.
  • Brad and I were in Indiana on Wednesday. First, I had my TMJ checkup with Dr. Klauer. My mouthpiece is helping, and I decided it is in my best interest to have my septum fixed this summer. The left side of my nose is blocked because of a severe deviated septum and a large bone spur. So here’s the being able to breathe better! After that appointment, we raced over to Dr. Cantieri’s office where I had my first prolotherapy treatment in 7 months. A record! I had shots in my jaw, neck, upper back, lower back, and left hip. I like to call it my EDS tune-up.

2. We’ve had tickets to see the Dirty Heads since summer. Well, that concert happened on Thursday and guess what? I stayed home. Blah. I’m pretty sure if I had gone, it would have put me in the hospital. SO, I used my bummed out energy and bought different tickets to a different concert on February 18th to see Joshua Davis and May Erlewine. I WILL be better. I WILL.

3. Well, my week was pretty boring again, being a sickie. I could tell you the majority of my week was laying in our green chair on a heating pad, coughing my lungs up, but I will attempt to get a bit more creative here…How abouttttt…a student told me this week I had glitter in my hair. Then tried to “get it out,” for me, succeeded, and I had to explain that the hair they just pulled out of my head was a gray hair…not glitter…

4. What else? Hmmm. I’ve learned something about myself this winter. I like snow more than I thought I did. If it’s gonna be winter, let’s have winter. As in a few good snow storms. As in pretty, white snow. If it’s just gonna rain, then let’s at least have spring or summer. Plus, I’m a teacher. Where are our snow days?

5. We had two new members join our Genefo community this week! Welcome, Jessica & Betsy! If you are an EDS warrior, come join our community! Life as a Zebra has teamed up with the groundbreaking GeneFo – A Social Medical Platform to create an EDS community for support, communication, and condition management!  Come sign up for free here! https://www.genefo.com/signup_regular/lzf.

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