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Five For Friday 2/18/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 3 sessions of PT-2 strengthening and 1 soft tissue
  • 2 days of home rehab
  • Used my topical pain cream for the first time.  It did help take some of my back and neck pain away.  I love that it’s not another pill I have to take.
  • Had the Rest and Recovery Talk.
  • Had an hour session with Dr. Rosen.  He definitely helps me get my head on straight.

2.  The Herner and Dama Families are going on VACATION!  162 more days!  A beach vacation sounds so good right about now…

3.  Brad and I had a really nice, relaxing, low-key Valentine’s Day.  I attempted at making HIM dinner for once…I ended up buying a Rotisserie Chicken and putting it on a fancy plate, BUT I did make scalloped potatoes and put the veggie steamers in the microwave.  I’m getting there!  The dinner included all four food groups and a candle! I even made lemon bars and surprised him with a Flip Cam…What else could you ask for? 🙂

4.  I got BOB SEGER tickets!!!!!!!!! (which was my V-Day present).  Van Andel, here we come!!! My Mom, Dad, Mom-in-Law, Dad-in-Law, Brad and myself will be there April 2nd.  I am hoping for a feel okay day!

5.  I still can’t get over people’s genuine kindness!  Thank you CIA for the awesome cards and Biggby gift card!  You guys made me feel so loved and special and I am forever grateful!! Krystin, Jordan, Meghan, Brian, and Cara~Your encouragement, prayers, and thoughts are so appreciated!

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