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Five For Friday 2/19/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Last week was rough, rough, ROUGH. This week was much better with head, neck, and jaw pain. I still don’t feel totally “right” but I do feel like I am coming out of this bad pain spell…hopefully.
  • 1 Day of PT. SinceĀ  was in more pain than usual, we laid off some of the strengthening and I did electrical stim after my cardio instead.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.

2. I really do feel like a broken record lately. My life right now pretty much consists of: teaching, benefit work, napping, eating, rehabbing, sleeping…and repeat…I do love going to the mailbox these days though. Almost everyday this week, there was a new silent auction donation for our upcoming benefit. This week’s donations included: East Lansing Marriott, Panopoulos, Treetop Resorts, EagleMonk Brewery, and Lugnuts. If you are interested in donating a service/item for the benefit concert, please email at katie@zebranation.org! Thank you!

3. July 20 seems so far! But it will be sure to be a fun day! We bought nine tickets to the Dave Matthews Band concert last night…ahhhh, concerts. My HAPPY place.

4. We got a new student this week! You know it was successful when he comes up to you after day two and says, “This school is awesommmmmme. The chocolate milk tastes better than my old school.”

5. We need your help! We are trying to surpass the $10,000 research grant we presented the University of Toledo Medical Center last year to help fund Dr. Grubb’s POTS research. Here is the link for tickets and donations. Any amount helps! Please help us spread the word! Thank you so much! xx

You can buy tickets and/or make a donation here: Tickets & Donations

You can find full event information here: Full Event Information

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