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Five For Friday 2/2/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT with a substitute therapist. He was awesome and brought a different perspective to my management. We worked a lot on proper breathing techniques.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. Treadmill. Bike. Scaps. Legs. Biceps.
  • I am sleeping like crap. I hate these sleep strikes, but if I have learned anything, I know they do not last forever.

2. Thank you for the outpouring of love and support during this difficult time. I wrote this the other night and it helped.

Gratitude. Lean on that shit.

This month has been one of the darkest months of my life. I have cried more tears in the last couple of weeks than I have in a whole year.

But someone once told me something that stuck with me: To interrupt anxiety with gratitude. So here goes nothing:

1. My husband is not my rock. Brad’s my freaking boulder.

2. I have talked to my teammates more in these last couple of weeks than I have in a while. Our Twistars and Spartan bond is stronger than ever. My Twistars family, including my coaches will always be my second family. And I will always bleed green. Yes, my Spartan heart aches, but I am a proud Spartan today and everyday.

3. Everyone has a home team. These are your ride or die, pick up the phone at 4am, tell you to get your butt up and get in the shower, cry with you kind of people…Now, more than ever, I am realizing that my home team is everything.

4. Dogs that lick your face all afternoon (even when they don’t let you sleep) is the best kind of furry therapy.

5. Signing two big contracts this week makes me hopeful and ready for the future.

6. Someone reminding me this week to NEVER READ THE COMMENTS has been one of the best and most timely pieces of advice I could have received.

7. Even when blue skies are gray, my siblings can still make me laugh until I pee my pants. No matter how old I get, I still need my Mommy and Daddy.

8. When you’re having a tough time, I challenge you to visit a kindergarten classroom. Seeing the world through the eyes of a five year old can be one of the most pure, cathartic, liberating, and hilarious experiences.

9. I met a doctor this week who reminded me of what I want and who I want to be. He gave me faith and hope in his expertise and compassion. Speaking of doctors, I also believe that the team of doctors I have in place to help me manage EDS and POTS are the best of the best.

10. A woman named Lynn died this week in Florida from POTS and EDS at 47. I did not know Lynn. Her husband sought out Life as a Zebra Foundation to request that family and friends donate to LAAZF in lieu of flowers. As the extremely generous donations continue to roll in, in Lynn’s name, I have no words about this act of kindness, except deep gratitude. Our foundation will do everything we can to make sure we work to honor Lynn’s life and her family’s wishes.

When there is pain, give. When all else fails, set out and do good. When your heart is heavy, see what you can do to make a difference, and always be kind. When it’s dark, try and be the light. In the midst of this pain, I hope I never lose sight of my blessings and gratitude. That’s all I have tonight as I continue to heal.

3. Sunday was SO nice. 45 degrees and sunny with NO signs of snow; not even on the ground! I put a post out there on FB jokingly asking what the chances of a snow day were because 5 day weeks are for the birds. So many people laughed WITH me.





What in the world?! I still have zero clue where all the snow came from, but man I was shocked and beyond happy! I wonder if I get two more wishes like in the movies?!

4. Speaking of that surprise snow day, Brad and I definitely made the most of it. I earned my nap that day.
*Hour workout
*All Tax Deductible Receipts done and sent
*$1200 worth of medications bought for $400 after three hours of pricing and researching
*45456632389 Emails sent …okay, more like 20. Same thing.
*Two Contracts signed
*New TV installed
*One financial phone meeting
*One Life as a Zebra Foundation Board Of Directors Vote
*Trip to the SOS for Enhanced Driver’s Licenses

5. January has seriously felt like 27573746876849 days. Bring on February. I am so ready.


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