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Five For Friday 3/10/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • It was one of those EDS weeks where my body felt like with one wrong move, it would crumble…but I made it through with a lot of heating pad action.
  • 1 Day of PT. I added some arm exercises and am wondering if it is flaring up my neck. Blah.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. Treadmill intervals and strengthening.
  • 1 needed OMM appointment. LOTS of cranial and rib work.
  • It was back to Toledo on Thursday to see Dr. Grubb and (mostly Bev) or my 6 months POTS check up. It went well; pretty much a maintenance appointment for meds, hydration infusions, and an order for an echo. It was awesome to have Bev back after she had been out for a while with her own medical issues. AND I was seen in RECORD time. My appointment was at 1:30 and I was done by 3:00. That NEVER happens.

2. It’s hard to be an MSU Spartan fan these days, but I’m proud to say I will always bleed green no matter what. Fingers crossed our BB boys get into the tourney (Or I am going to have one upset hubby…like Lord, help me ; ) ).

3. Last weekend, was a BUSY one! Three birthday celebrations; one for one of my students, one memorial celebration for a friend who passed away two years ago, and one for my niece who turned five! By Sunday night I was BEAT, but the good kind…the full heart kind of beat.

4. Summer plans are starting to be discussed and I cannot WAIT. Concerts, beach weekends, a trip to NYC, and a week at the beach house so far. Oh yea, and house projects. Ahhh. I don’t ever want to wish my life away but man, I heart summer so much.

5. Our “March is Reading Month” is in full swing! If you are local and interested in reading to the best 4, 5, and 6 year olds around, email me so we can figure out a time! katie@zebranation.org!

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