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Five For Friday 3/13/15

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I stayed home from school yesterday…to rest. My body has been telling me in more ways than one that it needed some recovery time…and I listened. Maybe I am getting a bit wiser in my older age : )

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I saw my Pulmonologist on Monday. I love when I hear the word “normal” from a doctor. My breathing tests were all NORMAL.
  • I saw Larry on Tuesday for more OMM; ribs, cranial, and TMJ.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I got my glasses back for the third time. It’s true! The third time IS the charm! They do not make me sick. Yesssss.
  • Going on my third straight week of my left eye twitching. I’m trying not to worry. But I’m Katie…I’ve named it Henry. I hope Henry goes away really, really soon.

2. Who knew what goes into getting a raffle license?! I sure didn’t. It has taken me two months to gather the eleven required documents. I had to go to a general commission hearing. I had to go to a City Council meeting. As of Wednesday, everything has been submitted to the Michigan Gaming office. Now I wait for processing and determination. Craziness…and fingers crossed.

3. On Sunday, we celebrated my niece, Reese’s 3rd birthday. It seems like she seriously was just born. This is when I wished my pictures were working so you could all get a dose of major cuteness.

4. I just want to say that partnering with the University of Toledo Medical Center has been so rewarding. We are stoked about being able to support Dr. Grubb’s research on POTS. I just found out that Dr. Grubb will be attending our benefit as well to speak a bit about his work. Such an HONOR.

5.  28 Days away!

Tickets & Donations

You can find full event information here:

Benefit Concert Information


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