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Five For Friday 3/15/13

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • No PT.  I was on my own all week.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I saw Larry in the office for lots of OMM.  My body got a much needed tune-up!
  • This week was much more manageable in terms of what I needed to get done, and I realized a lot of that was due to a couple of factors:

    A) I slept better and I got a nap in everyday which is HUGE for managing my EDS and POTS (knock on wood that it continues). B) I started my period.  Sorry men, but I have to keep it real.  My period plays a huge role in my POTS and EDS; especially the week before (which would have been last week – you know, the week I felt sick, had an increase in joint pain, couldn’t sleep, and had mental breakdowns).  The time right before my period definitely exacerbates my POTS and EDS symptoms…Fun times.

2.  I am sooooo super excited about this!  Besides everything else Kellogg Center is doing for our benefit concert, they are also promoting the event on their billboard.   I approved the proof last week so it should be going up any day now.  If you see my car driving down Harrison 10 times a day, or if you see a crazy lady standing in traffic taking pictures, it’s just me.  Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center is incredible!

3. My class is trucking right along through March is Reading Month.  We have had a record number of VIP guest readers already this month and we are only halfway through March!  I feel like there is a great energy and momentum happening in the classroom right now; especially when it comes to the kid’s excitement about reading.  We are also extremely busy in the classroom with report card assessments.  We have parent-teacher conferences Monday and Wednesday night of this upcoming week, so it’s gonna be a busy one! I’m resting up now!

4.  I am so proud of my sister, Allie. As most of you know, Allie’s PAN Vasculitis is currently in remission after a long, hard fight that started in 2008, and almost ended with us losing her.  She has been training for a half-marathon while taking grad classes at VCU for occupational therapy.  Well, tomorrow is her big race day.  It makes me so emotional to think about where she was at her sickest, and then think about where she is now.  Allie has come so far that I felt the need to brag.  My baby sister inspires me.  In fact, all of my siblings inspire me.

5.  Saturday we spent the day in Grass Lake celebrating our niece, Reese’s first birthday.  It seriously seems like she was just born!  Time needs to slow down…

Happy Birthday, sweet Reese!

Happy Birthday, sweet Reese!

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