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Five For Friday 3/15/19 & 3/22/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Two Tuesdays of PT.
  • I made a prolotherapy appointment. I should not be this excited for shots…
  • Continuing the battle of finding balance…maybe that’s just called motherhood. I’m thinking so…; )

2. First Time Parenthood:

Praying every night that Ms. L will sleep a longer stretch than 3 hours. Then, when she actually does, Mom and Dad spend the time she is asleep poking, patting, and standing over her making sure she’s breathing. Sigh.

One of us is rested.

Send coffee.

3. Lucia turned two months! Which also means her well visit and good ‘ol vaccinations. My poor baby; she was NOT pleased AT ALL. Mama cried right along with her. We’ve spent the last couple of days giving lots more love and snuggles. She still seems a bit more tired, but as the doc told me: She is healthier leaving today than when she came in. Besides getting shots, she showed that she is one healthy, STRONG girl. 88% height, 49% weight, 88% head circumference.

4. 2 months of Lucia Grace

Firsts: One Stroller ride outside…because polar vortexes ???????????Sitting up in her hugaboo. So many smiles…Smiles that literally make our hearts want to burst. Thigh rolls. 3 Month clothes.

Loves: sticking out her tongue, baths, kicking, the ceiling fan, staring at the lights, studying our faces, talking to her glow seahorse, talking in general, her bouncy chair, Joshua Davis music, watching basketball with Dad.

Doesn’t Love: Naps by herself ????, when she accidentally punches herself in the face 5 times a day because she has found her hands, saline and the nosefrida.

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5. I went on a date with the hubs. That is HUGE. First one in two months. We talked about Lucia. And had delicious seafood.

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