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Five For Friday 3/21/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. No PT this week.
  • I had OMM on Thursday for my neck and upper back. My ribs are definitely being stubborn lately about staying put, but my doctor was able to work them back into place. Now, if I could just figure out how to keep them there! (I know, I know. More strengthening).
  • I got a wiggle seat! My physical therapist recommended it; especially for long car rides. It keeps me moving, so my joints don’t stiffen up as much, and it helps with posture, while making me use my core more.

2. If any of you know Brad, you know he is a basketball fanatic. March is HIS month. Well, it has been a tradition that whenever the NCAA tournament begins, I get March Madness flowers. This year was no exception. Some people get flowers for Valentine’s Day. I get them for basketball…and I am not complaining. Love it. (GO Spartans, btw!)

Tournament Flowers

3. I had a benefit concert meeting at Kellogg on Wednesday. Food has been picked out, the room diagram has been started, I chose different kinds of tables, lighting,  centerpieces, microphones, podiums, and the list goes on. Can I just say that the Kellogg Center staff is incredible. They make it so easy. 3 weeks! Whoa!

4. Wednesday was also kindergarten round-up, one of my most favorite days of the year. I love, love, LOVE meeting the kids and families who will be coming in as kindergarteners next year. Their smiles, shyness (some), wide eyes, and pure excitement is something I love to experience. It always makes me go back to the basics of what I believe education is all about: fostering that love for learning that a child brings to school in their first years, and providing a classroom environment for the whole child to develop; with all of their unique qualities, talents, interests, and curiosities.

5. Last weekend, Allie was in town and a group of us women got together to work on the stage design for the concert. Here is a sneak peek picture…Can you figure out what we are making?



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