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Five For Friday 3/22/13

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. I should have gotten another day in…Sigh.
  • My physical therapy was canceled. My PT was sick.

2.  I received my WEGO Health party package to celebrate the awards ceremony this Thursday.  I did not recognize the address, so I just assumed it was for our silent auction, and put it in the basement with all of our other silent auction stuff. The next day when I had more time, I was going through things in the basement and was trying to figure out what it was without ripping the beautiful bow and packaging.  I was able to get ahold of the paper inside the box and pull it out without ruining the box.  This is when I realized it was not a donation after all, but instead, was a bunch of goodies from WEGO Health for being one of their 2012 “Health Activist Hero” finalists.  Such a great surprise!  Win or lose on Thursday, I honestly still have a hard time believing I made it this far.  Especially when looking at the accomplishments of the other finalists.  I will wear my party hat with pride!





3.  We had two nights of parent-teacher conferences this week.  I don’t get to talk to our parents nearly as much as I would like, so I really love the extra one-on-one time with each family.  However, I will admit that they are pretty exhausting; especially since they are at night and my body is used to working in the morning. I made it through okay, but let’s just say, I have not been able to move much today.  I was supposed to go to a baby shower, but I had a really hard time stabilizing my blood pressure and heart rate today…therefore, this was one of those days I had to make a choice between my health and my social life. I knew I had to listen to my body and put my health first, so there was no baby shower for me today.  Instead I rested a lot.  Luckily the people in my life who I am close to understand that such is the life when you live with two chronic illnesses. I am always extremely grateful for their understanding and support.  It really is one of the things that makes dealing with EDS and POTS more manageable since I don’t have to have the extra worry or stress of letting the people I care about down.

4.  I had a meeting at Kellogg on Friday to finalize more benefit details.  As I was driving home, check out what I passed. Yup. I cried.

Spreading Invisible Illness Awareness + One of my favorite Singer-Songwriters=Dreams coming true.

Spreading Invisible Illness Awareness + One of my favorite Singer-Songwriters=Dreams coming true.

5.  The Spartans are still dancing!  Sweet Sixteen! Gotta love tournament time!

sparty on

The traditional tournament flowers from Brad.

The traditional tournament flowers from Brad.

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