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Five For Friday 3/23/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • NO PT because of parent-teacher conferences. I have learned that trying to do both do not mix.
  • Only one day of home rehab. :/
  • One women parts doctor appointment.

2. Parent-Teacher Conferences. LOVE me a good turnout. My teaching partner and I were non-stop from 4-8. Made it go so fast. I also want to say how eye opening it is when you actually get to sit down and really talk to your families. And really LISTEN. It can explain so much about what goes on in the classroom.

3. Sunday we were in Grass Lake celebrating Jaskolski spring birthdays…my nieces are gymnastics crazy right now, and it makes my former gymnast heart so happy. Brings back tons of memories…we were also there for the Syracuse/MSU tournament game. Welp, that was a quiet ride home. : (

SPARTANS FOREVER. No matter what.

4. Soooo, if you are following along on my glasses saga, I took them back. And then pretty much begged them to change the prescription back to my old one. I just couldn’t do it. Made me feel so sick. I get to pick them up next week. I am grateful they listen to their patients.

5. And finally….

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