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Five for Friday 3/4/11

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1.  Medical Stuff

  • Prolotherapy round two was on Monday.
  • 1 day of PT
  • 1 day of Home Rehab
  • POTS has been giving me fits since Wednesday.  My heart rate hasn’t been this up and down for a while.  Had a minor meltdown about it after feeling dizzy and feeling a lot of body heaviness and weakness.  My therapists pointed out that the trauma from the shots could have made my autonomic nervous system go haywire.  Also, it could be due to my cycle and/or not doing therapy for a full week (could 7 days cause enough deconditioning to give me worse POTS symptoms?)  Maybe it’s a combo of all 3? I definitely recorded this in my daily log.

2.   Allie, my cousin Jenny, and I went to see Never Say Never in 3-D.  Yes, we wore Bieber Beaver shirts and we sang along…a lot.  But let me just clear this up..Allie, Jenny, and I do not love the Biebs in a “We want to marry him sort of way.”  It’s more of a, “We want to adopt him and pinch his cheeks” kind of way.  And for the record, the movie was good.  Okay, I’m not gonna lie…I loved the family experience and the movie.

3.  So I walked into therapy yesterday and noticed that there were TV cameras and bright lights in the therapy gym.  THEN I noticed the cameras were filming my brother, Andy!  MSU Rehab was filming footage for a new commercial so we’ll have to wait and see if my bro makes the cut!  Then, when I was leaving, a woman was also leaving therapy with her therapy/service pony.  He was so cute! Who knew?

4.  U2 got me through therapy this week.  I am determined that when I finally get to see Bono in June we are both going to be healthier than last summer!

5.  I won the bet Brad and I had about the Bieber movie.  He said there would be less than 15 people at the 10 am Saturday morning showing.  I said there would be more than 15.  The prize?  Restaurant of choice for date night.  Well, there were 19 people, 17 women, and 2 little girls.  So I chose Embassy Grill.  I could eat their Tabbouleh and Hummus all day long. Yum.

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