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Five For Friday 4/1/11

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1.  Medical Stuff: 

  • I graduated from physical therapy and Dr. Rosen.

2.  I broke down and bought a German Shepherd for Brad.

3.  I slept at my house like a big girl when Brad was out of town.

4.  I broke my wrist.

5. I decided I like anchovies and broccoli now.


Had to take that opportunity…Okay, for real now…
1.  Medical Stuff:
  • 2 Days of PT.
  • 2 Days of home rehab.
  • I had a physical Tuesday.  I got a Tetanus shot.  There wasn’t that much for my PCP to check since I have so many specialists managing my disorders, but everything he did check out, checked out well (which is basically all of my moles, my ears, my nose, and my throat).
  • I had basic lab work done to test my baseline levels for things like electrolytes, blood sugar, and cholesterol. 
  • I had a good session with Dr. Rosen.  We were walking out and I told him that I call our sessions, “regaining perspective hours.”  He said that one of his professors once told him years ago that all psychiatry is, is “turning on lights.”  Lord knows he has turned on a lot of lights for me.
  • I tested negative for Vascular EDS.
2.  Saturday we went to Cora’s birthday.  I cannot believe she is one already!  It was awesome to see great friends we haven’t seen in a while.  Thanks for a great party, and for including us Scott and Amanda!
3.  Brad wore a tie to work twice this week for conferences.  This is newsworthy enough for Five for Friday because it usually happens only when we go to weddings.  He’s pretty handsome if I do say so myself.
4.  I wrote two letters to Andy this week.  I pretty much told him everything except when I go to the bathroom.  I wouldn’t want him to miss out on anything 🙂  My family received a letter from him yesterday.  He sounds like he is doing really well.  He made sure we knew he is no longer a picky eater and that he just points to food for his tray and shovels it in his mouth, whether he knows what it is or not.  He asked for letters and pictures!  He gave my parents his Facebook password so they could update his info.  He specifically stated, “Don’t give Katie my password.”  Ha! Sounds like my bro.  The following is Andy’s address if you want to write!
Spc. Dama, Andy
Charlie Company, 2nd BN, 46th IN REGT
1st Platoon, Roster #141
9587 2nd Armored Division Road, Bldg. 3515
Fort Benning, GA 31905
5.  Surprises of the week… 
  • Brad’s parents came and took Brad and I out to dinner for Brad’s birthday.  Brad picked Mitchell’s Fish Market.  I could eat there everyday.  The food was awesome but the company was even better!
  • One of the gymnastics Dads, Gary, brought me a Strawberry Rhubarb pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company last night.  When he walked in the door it was still warm.  We both share a love for that pie.  So nice of him, so delicious, and so unexpected!
  • One of the Wexford families came and visited me today.  They came bearing Girl Scout Cookies (I’m gonna have to share all these sweets!) The best part was seeing Mindy and her beautiful girls, Atiya, Audra, and baby Evelyn.  I had Atiya in kindergarten last year, and would have had Audra this year if I hadn’t gotten sick.  When Atiya was leaving, she gave me a big hug, and said, “Ms. Katie, I think you should really come back to school.”  Melt. My. Heart.  I told her I was working really hard to be able to come back as I fought back tears.  It’s the kids, I tell ya, who make me so emotional and push me to work that much harder.

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