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Five For Friday 4/14/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. Interval training again.
  • No docs.
  • I got my echo results back and everything looks good. This is one time that I love the word, “normal.” I am set for another two years…woohoo!

2. The reason for not having any appointments this week = parent-teacher conference nights. I never schedule myself for anything during this week since it takes a lot out of me to teach and do two nights of conferences as well. One more night next week, and that’s a wrap for conferences this year!

3. My nieces were here for a long weekend. It was serious heaven. We did so much, but the highlights included having a UNICORN PARTY, shopping and eating at Great Lakes Crossing, swimming at our hotel, and having a sleepover with CeCe Jane at my house. I’m not gonna lie…I was one exhausted Aunt when they left on Tuesday, but it was so worth it…SO worth it.

4. Sunday, Cecilia decided we needed to go to the teacher store to pick up materials since she was coming to school with me Monday morning to hang out. Well, home girl ended up lesson planning a Spanish colors lesson to teach to my class after purchasing some teaching posters and stickers. She practiced on Sunday on my brother who she renamed, “Steve” for the lesson. ; ) Monday morning she stood at that board and taught the colors like she had done so her whole life. I was in awe.  I about died when she ended the lesson with, “And now I can take 4-5 kids in a small group if you would like to practice your Spanish more.”

Not bad for 6 years old.

5. I got my zebra dress! It is finally in my possession and it fits! Stay tuned for the special project. I wear it May 7th…

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