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Five For Friday 4/26/13

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.  I was able to get back on the Reformer after doing my cardio on the Elliptical.  I find that I actually miss that “torture chamber” if I am away for it for more than a week.  I think I have kinda, sorta fallen in love with it.  It works my whole body; especially my core, while being kind to my joints.  Now I just need to figure out how to get in more Reformer sessions during the week.  (I never thought I would say that).
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.  Lots of treadmill and floor exercises!
  • I saw my psychiatrist, Dr. Rosen for the first time in a few months. He has a way of making complicated things become so simple and clear.  I’m going back in a couple of weeks.  Having that hour to talk through things does so much for my mental health and overall well-being.  He is never, ever allowed to retire.
  • It’s been a POTSy week, but I have learned that these come and go, so I am just waiting for it to pass…
  • The upcoming week is a travel week for me.  I see my POTS doc in Toledo on Monday, and I have prolotherapy injections in Indiana on Thursday.

2.  I received such a special surprise in the mail this week.  One of my fellow zebra sisters, Becca, was unable to attend the benefit because of sickness, so she sent me this…


One of these days, Becca, we will meet in person, and I will get to finally give you a gigantic hug!  Thank you for being so thoughtful and for making my week.  I will wear it each day with zebra pride and think of you!

3.  Theresa (who is one of my closest friends) and Matt’s daughter, Adelyn Grace was baptized on Sunday.  It was a beautiful celebration.





4.  Brad has officially begun principal school!  He has two-and-a-half years until he is finished.  I am super proud of him (and am also glad I will not be the one writing all of the papers).  But yes, Brad, I will edit them.

5.  I’m back at it!  We had a foundation meeting on Friday.  I will be a busy bee working on 501 c3 stuff this next week.  I cannot wait until everything is submitted.  We are getting so close!

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