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Five for Friday 4/30/11

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1.  Medical Stuff: 

  • 1 day of PT: More circuit work, more pelvic clocks, and I graduated to the full foam roller for back stabilization marches!  Woot! Woot!
  • 2 days of home rehab.
  • I had my tri-weekly Dr. Rosen appointment.  The quote of our session (which should be the quote for my life) was, “All you need to worry about is making today right.” ~Dr. L. Rosen.  I also followed Larry’s instructions and showed Dr. Rosen my Apollo 13 poster.  He gave me another A+, and thought it was a genius exercise for me to do.  Gotta love the team approach when it comes to my docs. 
  • It’s been a week of increasing my Propranalol.  I haven’t felt a huge difference, but hopefully when I add Midodrine to the mix next week, I will feel better. 

2.  EASTER!  Sunday morning we got up and went to Mass at St. John’s.  I swear there were 600 people there.  Thankfully, Allie, my Mom, and I snagged a seat.  Brad and my Dad stood in the back.  I made a mental note that next year, we must leave at least 15 minutes earlier!  After mass, we went to brunch with the Herners at the Radisson.  Talk about food!  It’s become an Easter tradition that we stuff ourselves so we can’t move the rest of the day. 

Brad and I
Mama and Pops

Mom, Dad, Allie, and I

Al and I in front of one of two dessert tables.  Mmmm

Sue, Mom, and Al

Brad, D.J., and Doug

Doug and Dad; a scary pair 😉

My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach! 
I could finally eat chocolate again!  I probably ate 1/4 of this…
Gotta save the best pic for last…My Dad didn’t know that he was supposed to put each food item on a stick and THEN put it under the chocolate fountain.  ?Instead he put the food on his plate, put his whole plate under the fountain, and dripped all the way back to the table.  Whatever works Dad.

3.  I cooked!  I actually cooked!  And the people I fed survived! 

Egg Bake to celebrate the Royal Nuptials
I made the spinach lasagna we had in Philly. 
 It wasn’t only edible, but it was yummy if I do say so myself.
4.  My new compression stockings arrived!  OPEN TOE with painted toenails AND flip flops. 
5.  I ended this week with a bang!  My Aunt Mada, Aunt Laurie, cousin Jenny, and I went to The Ark in Ann Arbor Thursday night to see Chris Trapper and Colin Hay in concert.  The concert surpassed my expectations by a mile!  Then we went back to Lansing, to have a Royal Wedding sleepover.  I am going to post more about the blast we had together, but until then, here is a preview of the hat I donned for the wedding. It’s title is “Purple Majesty,”  courtesy of designers, Lady Laurie Dama, and Lady Madalena Hanthorn.    

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