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Five For Friday 5/11/12

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.  I did a lot of treadmill work this week.
  • I thought I had an OMM, cranio-sacral appointment on Thursday.  When I got to my appointment, the nice receptionist told me that they called me yesterday to cancel it.  I said, “That’s funny, I did not get a call.”  I ended up rescheduling, and as I was driving home, I vaguely remembered dreaming that the rest of my appointments for the week were cancelled.  Well, it dawned on me that that was not a dream.  I must have answered the phone during my nap one day.  Lord only knows what I said to the poor office staff.
  • I had prolotherapy today.  Dr. Cantieri concentrated on my ribs (front and back), the sides of my neck, and my chest for the first time.  I’m moving.  Just slowly.
  • It’s amazing how the sun can make me feel so much better.  I love me some natural vitamin D.

2.  My week pretty much consisted of teaching, rehab, rest, prolo, and my class…

I've been carrying these babies around with me. I have officially entered "dork mode" and am immersed in my reading and writing class.

3.  I got home on Thursday to find a surprise waiting for me on my doorstep.  My friend Sara who lives in Virgina sent me these unexpected treasures, accompanied with a beautiful note.  My favorite part of the note?  “When it rains you can stand under my umbrella.”  Thank you for thinking of me, Sara.  I love them.  And you.

Zebra love.

4.  Well, it is official.  My school is having “Zebra Day” on Friday, May 25th, which is a fundraiser to raise money for Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation and National Dysautonomia Research Foundation.  The kids, parents, and staff will be asked to wear their black and white with pride, and I will be speaking about life with an invisible illness that day to three different age groups: the early childhood classes, the E1 classes (grades 1-3), and the E2 and middle school classes (grades 4-6 & 7-8).  We will be selling the same zebra t-shirts I designed with my sister, Allie, for the Invisible Illness Benefit we had in April.  The money that is made from the t-shirt sales will benefit EDNF and NDRF.  Now if I could just stop having nightmares about the big kids eating me alive 😉

5.  I had a very interesting conversation this week with a blast from my past.  This conversation could lead to some opportunities for me to speak up in the near future about an issue that I feel very strongly about.  I realize this is extremely cryptic, but I feel like I need to include it into this post because it was a big part of my week.  I will dedicate a post to this as soon as I can.

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