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Five For Friday 5/16/14

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of HARD PT. Bill likes the tough love when it comes to strengthening. I’m not complaining…
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I saw Larry on Tuesday. We discussed my unintentional weight loss, and that it’s time to call Dr. Grubb and see if it’s a) because of POTS and b) if so, if I need a Beta Blocker med adjustment. Larry also did his usual (magical) OMM on my ribs, upper back and neck.

2. Allie got here Sunday! We hurried and got ready to leave for Canada to see one of our loves, Rob Thomas play at Caesars Casino in Windsor. It was amazing and we got to meet the guitar player, Frankie Romano and see Matt Beck again…such a great night.


RT 10

RT 1

RT 5

RT 6

RT 7

RT 8

3. Okay, here is the Senate deal.  This Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader, Randy Richardville will be introducing a resolution declaring May 25 through May 31, 2014 to be Invisible Illness Awareness Week in Michigan. If all goes as planned, the Michigan Senate is expected to adopt the resolution unanimously. Allie and I will be there Wednesday to be introduced by Richardville and to accept the (hopefully) adopted resolution. We’re pretty pumped…and grateful.

4. Mother’s Day and my Mama’s birthday! We finally celebrated last night with lots of Italian food, wine, and treats. I definitely hit the Mom jackpot. My Mama is a saint.

Italian 1 Italian

5. 14 school days left this year! So crazy…I will definitely be soaking up all of the end of the school year events with my kids these next few weeks…picnics, field day, summer birthdays, and the list goes on…Now if the weather would just warm up!

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