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Five For Friday 5/29/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Shrink appointment with Dr. Rosen.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. Should have done 3.
  • This was thankfully a napping week!

2. I am going into our last week of school! On Thursday, I said farewell to our seven pre-kindergarteners for the summer. That goodbye is never as difficult since I know I will see them again in the fall as kindergarteners. It is this Friday’s goodbye that always gets to me, since my kindergarteners are moving on to other classes next year. I’ve loved this class…we have truly been a family.

3. Senate: The Senate unanimously adopted Senate resolution 0063, declaring this week Invisible Illness Awareness Week, following similar action by the House last week! Year two is in the books! I was able to attend session and join the Senate Majority Leader, Meekhoff and Senator Hertel on the Senate floor, as the resolution was introduced and adopted. Making strides!

4. Therefore, this week has been Invisible Illness Awareness Week in Michigan. Our theme has been, “Making the Invisible, Visible.” So many brave zebras have shared their stories as a part of our campaign. Each person’s words have been so powerful in bringing awareness to so many DIFFERENT invisible illnesses. As a zebra myself, each story has personally been so empowering and inspirational to me. Even though the week is ending, please keep the stories coming. We all know awareness should occur all year long!

5. My baby sister is married! Allie and Gabe got married on Tuesday, and it was a beautiful, private ceremony and celebration with family. The “big” wedding with friends and family will happen in July, and then the third wedding in Bali where Gabe’s family lives, will be next summer! Allie is still trying to figure out when her anniversary will be…: )

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