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Five For Friday 6/16/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • One Day of PT. No exercise. Just OMT and LOTS of heat and stim to get me travel ready because of my angry, spasming ribs.
  • One MASSAGE to calm down my angry, spasming ribs.
  • One appointment with my OMT doc to work on my angry, spasming ribs. Are you seeing a pattern, here?

2. Wednesday, we left for NEW YORK CITY! I had never been and could not fall sleep Tuesday night I was so pumped. It was just like Christmas Eve when I was a kid. We stayed in East Village in an Airbnb, and it was definitely a true NYC experience: 8 of us girls packed into about 350 square feet. We laughed so hard when we arrived. Making memories!

3. Wednesday, after grabbing dinner, walking around Tompins Square Park, and East Village for a bit, we made our way back “home” to create signs for the TODAY SHOW…being on the plaza of the Today Show has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Thursday morning, the alarm went off at 4:15 and we made our way in an uber at 5:00 with our signs in hand. I can’t even put into words the excitement of the experience. My “Hug Me Hoda” sign was a success. She came over, hugged me, and then asked about our Zebra Strong shirts, so I got to talk “ZEBRA!” Some of the other highlights: We befriended Alex who is in charge of the Plaza, I shook Matt’s hand, and Carson looked way bigger to me in person than on TV. SO fun.

4. The rest of Thursday and Friday was packed full too. Greenwich Village, Soho, the Financial district, Washington Square Park, the Statue of Liberty! We did the Statue of Liberty cruise and it was perfect…After miles of walking, it gave me some rest and a breather, and I also got to see Lady Liberty up close and personal. She is incredible. LOVE.

I think the most memorable for me was Ground Zero, though. Standing there in the middle of it all just hits you hard. I didn’t think I would get as emotional as I did, but the emotions just came. Standing near the Survivors Tree is a memory I will never forget.

5. We are winding down what I call, “Zebra Season” around here. Zebra Day, Invisible Illness Awareness Week, the Get Healthy 5k with Team Zebra, Health fairs, and awareness photo shoots. I am looking forward to a quiet summer of looking forward and planning ahead…oh, and catching up on paperwork. ; )

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