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Five For Friday 6/17/11

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This is going to be real short and sweet, and pretty boring since I have family to spend time with…

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of PT.
  • 2 days of Home Rehab.
  • First time in a while I had 0 doctor appointments in a week!

2. Brad joined FACEBOOK!  This is big news if you all know him.  He was adamant he never wanted one, but now he is an old pro.  Never say never!

3.  I got my toes done with Mom and Sue.  I’m not sure if anyone is able to tell, but I have butterflies on my big toes.

4.  I spent a while in my classroom on Monday “helping” clean and store everything away.  I say “helping” because I came from therapy so I basically watched Zondra and Margaret pack everything while I labeled a few boxes.  Zondra + Margaret=An unstoppable dynamic duo.  I am still not sure how I got so lucky this year. 

With my Godsend, Zondra, A.K.A. Mrs. Blake. 
The incredible Ms. MarGREAT!
I love you classroom!  I am working hard so I can see you in the fall!

5.  I am in Philly with Allie, Kristen, Jake, and Mom celebrating CeCe Baby’s first birthday!  Gotta save my spoons so more to come when I get home! 

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