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Five For Friday 6/21/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. Because of all of my sciatic pain, I will now be going twice a week. Fun, fun…as long as it helps.
  • 3 Home Rehab workouts. I got mad at my body so I pushed it hard. Makes sense, huh? Sometimes, I’m not the smartest but I wanted to show myself I could still work out hard. The struggle is real.
  • 1 Shrink appointment.
  • I made a prolo appointment. Time can go a little faster. I’m so ready.

2. Five Months of Lucia…(Five Days Late)

Firsts: Rolling the length of the living room. Scooting backwards. Giggling. Oatmeal! Sitting in a high chair. Pulling diapers out of the package and throwing them everywhere. Throwing toys( we’ve discovered gravity). 5k. Zoo. Outgrowing her swing ???? sleeping (almost) through the night. Tummy sleeping.

Loves: airplane, being upside down, playing with our faces, Sesame Street, Elmo everything, oatmeal/quinoa mix, watching people eat, dance parties, sitting up, her play gym, the “letter of the day” song, lotion massages, chewing on everything, grocery shopping with Daddy.

Doesn’t Love: plain oatmeal, staying still for diaper changes, Crib naps, booger sucking.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling3. The tradition lives on. Visiting Daddy at Izzo BB camp. Ms. L could not get enough of watching Daddy coach and the kids play. Thanks, Holly and Katy Rose for a fun morning!

Image may contain: 3 people, including Katie Dama Jaskolski and Brad Jaskolski, people smiling, people standing and indoor4. Life as a Zebra Foundation participated in Antioch Cares, Get Healthy Now 5k on June 15th. We took home the team award for the sixth year in a row, and had our biggest team to date! Courage is Contagious!

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5. Including You…Get out of your own way.

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