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Five For Friday 6/22/12

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I saw Dr. Rosen (my psychiatrist) for the first time in a few months.  We had a very much-needed talk.  Something I keep thinking about from my appointment:  “Sometimes it is okay to cut corners, and sometimes it is okay to sit and do nothing.”  I’m working on that…
  • I had an OMM appointment.  My doctor worked a lot on releasing my psoas.
  • I had prolotherapy today.   See this post for more.

2.  I had a pretty domestic week catching up on a lot of house stuff: general cleaning, cleaning out the linen closet, cleaning out my closet and drawers, getting things ready to drop off at Goodwill, starting to clean out the files in our den, etc, etc…

3.  I made this sign on Tuesday when I was feeling POTSy, frustrated, and wanted to do something sitting…It took me about 45 minutes, which was enough time for some of my POTS-iness to subside so I could go work out…Whatever works, right?  Sometimes it’s the simple reminders.  (Note to self:  Next time, use Crayola Markers.  Sharpie Marker highs are zero fun).

4.  Andy is home until tomorrow.  He came home Wednesday night and will leave in the morning to go back to Fort Benning.  Sunday he starts Ranger School.  I feel pretty lucky I have gotten to spend time with him twice in one month!

We are all cheering you on, Brother!

5.  Music I am loving lately:  The new Xavier Rudd album, the new Trampled by Turtles album, and Steppin’ In It “Live at the Green Door.”

I’m especially loving this song:


It takes me to a happy place.

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