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Five For Friday 6/24/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • I love finding EDS and POTS success stories.  Here is a link to one of the latest uplifting stories I found…
  • Dentist appointment.  No cavities but I am too switch from using regular floss to using the floss picks so I am able to hold them with one hand.  I showed my dentist how I flossed with my hand that doesn’t have feeling and he suggested I switch to the picks so I can use my right hand only.
  • 3 days of Home Rehab.
  • 1 Day of PT.  On Thursday, I started using this….
A Pilates Reformer to help strengthen my core and prevent me from being so quad dominant.  It is my new torture chamber.  (Just joking, Katie!)  We do have a love-hate relationship so far though.  In all seriousness, I am always so thankful that Katie constantly tries to find new ways to challenge me and help me get stronger.

2.  I saw Bridesmaids with Theresa.  Can you say HILARIOUS?  I loved it and we both really, really needed that laugh!  I am trying to convince Brad to go see it with me for a second time, but so far, my convincing is not getting me very far.  This song is for you, Theresa!

3.  Speaking of Brad, he is officially on summer vacation.  He finished up coaching MSU basketball camps this week.  On the last day of camp, Holly, Katy, Khristy, and I went to Breslin to watch Brad coach his final games.  We also bugged Doug of course.

(I was taking these pictures from the balcony with no flash, so please excuse the blurriness).

Katy looking for Papa in the balcony
Coach Garland on his scooter with his pink basket. Ha!
Katy, Holly, Khristy 
Holly, Katy, Papa
Katy just wanted to blow her whistle too.

4. I got sooooo bummed today when I felt like a truck ran me over at Kohl’s and I couldn’t form a coherent sentence…My Mom had to run and get the ginormous Kohl’s wheelchair because she and I both thought I was going down.  It has been a while since I have had to ride in that Kohl’s wheelchair; which is promising I guess.  After beating myself up enough, I am now officially over my pity party, and back to recognizing the progress I have made since last June.  Sometimes I just wish I could find a way to pump blood to my brain myself.  I think I’m gonna work on inventing something.  I welcome any ideas.

5.  I celebrated Father’s Day with my Daddio.  He chose Falsetta’s for dinner and we gave him a Kindle.  He is having a grand time ol’ time exploring his new toy.

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