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Five For Friday 6/24/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. Elliptical, scap fires, ultrasound, stim, heat, and OMM. The works!
  • No Home Rehab. I’ve been trying my best to rest this rib flare.
  • 1 OMM Appointment. A lot of time was spent trying to get everything back in place. GENTLY.
  • I saw Dr. Cantieri at the last minute on Monday for prolotherapy on my back and ribs. Thank god for that man for getting me in at the last minute, and thank god for my father who drove me back and forth on a whim. After 120ish shots, I’m still pretty sore, but I’m doing my best to rest and listen to doctor’s orders!

2. Get Healthy 5k! The day before the race, I found myself having a pity party since my doc said no to the 5k because of subluxed ribs. Then this week, with the passing of a colleague who was WAY too young, I got a huge dose of perspective and the reminder that today is never promised, and my pity party came to a sharp halt. On the day of the race, I was blessed to have the privilege to WAKE UP and cheer on all 25 members of TEAM ZEBRA who came out to support our foundation. I am so grateful to all of these incredible people who left it all out on the course for invisible illnesses (despite the heat). I am so inspired by the whole team. Thank you, Team Zebra! So much appreciation!!!

3. It was a week full of music. Amazinggggg music. Tuesday, Allie and I had the opportunity to be a guest at a storytellers-like performance with Michael Franti and Spearhead. O-M-G…so inspiring, so talented, so FUN. We met Michael afterwards and were put on the guest list for that night’s show in Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, my ribs prevented me from going, BUT the performance we did see was one for the memory books.

Wednesday night, seven us had tickets to the Lansing Brewery to see Steppin In It. I have been going to see them since I was 18, and they were back together for two nights only. I LOVE that band. There are just no words.

4. Saturday, Brad and I headed to our niece, Casey’s open house in Canton. How how, howwwww can she have graduated?!?! She will be going to MSU in the fall and will be closer to us. Can’t wait!

5. Today is the first day since summer started that I do not have anything scheduled. As we speak, I am typing, laying on heat, RESTING, and about to take a nap. It has been a “catch up on life” kinda day and I couldn’t be happier about that.

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