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Five For Friday 6/28/13

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Most weeks I hope I can get in Five for Friday by the end of the weekend.  This week I am feeling beyond triumphant that I am posting it a day before I am to write the next one…

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • I was gone most of the week so I had zero doctors appointments or physical therapy.  Therefore, rehab was all up to me this week.
  • 2 Days of rehab in the gym at Crystal Mountain.
  • I taught aerobics one day at Crystal Mountain.
  • 2 Dance practices.
  • I started Twistars camp on Friday, so 1 lonnnggggg day of dance.

2.  Brad is taking classes to become a school principal/administrator.  The first weekend of classes for the summer was at Crystal Mountain Resort.  Because he was already staying there, I got to tag along.  I had no trouble keeping myself occupied while he was in classes all day.  The resort reminded me of the place in Dirty Dancing.  There was something to do all the time.  I spent most of my time at the pool reading and at the gym.  I did take salsa dancing, and I was asked if I could teach aerobics to a group in the motion room while I was working out in the gym.  That was pretty random, but I agreed and it ended up being a blast.  Those three days were beautiful and relaxing. I was not ready to come home when the classes were over, but I went begrudgingly.  It was time to switch gears and get ready to coach dance.

My one and only Crystal Mountain picture.

My one and only Crystal Mountain picture.

3. Lovin’ my new mugs…(World Market)


4. I made it through the first day of coaching dance at Twistars Camp.  This is how I spent my lunch (and every lunch after).

Recharge Mode.  Legs up...Check.  Foam Roller...Check.

Recharge Mode. Legs up…Check. Foam Roller…Check.

And this is how I spent the evening (and every evening after).


5.  I posted this on the Life as a Zebra FB page, but I think it is worth posting again.  One of my faves:

“You have to decide, If you’re in a wheelchair, if your arms are taken, if you have chronic illness, if your child is disabled, if you have limited options, if your days are, for lack of a better word HARD as hell, if before you even open your eyes you know you’ll need the strength and heart of a lion, you have to, at some point say to yourself, this is my life, THIS IS MY JOURNEY and come hell or high water, I’m gonna be a good person, I’m going to smile, and I’m going to bloody enjoy it because I’m not getting another one.”

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