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Five For Friday 6/5/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • All PT was done on my own!
  • 3 Days of Home Rehab. Strengthening. Cardio on the treadmill. Light weights.
  • No doctors.
  • Last week of school = Very little sleep.

2. For the last week of school, we had picnic after picnic! Monday was our kindergarten picnic at Benjamin Davis Park. It was a beautiful day of celebrating the year!

3. On the last day of school, I received the most beautiful, thoughtful, heartwarming gift from my class – a plate that had 23 of my kid’s thumb prints, and all of the thumb prints had been turned into the cutest zebras ever. I wish I could post a picture but I still can’t get any pictures to upload (one of my summer fix-it projects!) Take my word for it…it is pretty much the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I cried.

4. Life as a Zebra Foundation is partnering again with Antioch Cares for the Get Healthy 5k in Lansing on June 20th! Please email me at katie@zebranation.org if you want to join our “Team Zebra!” It is a run and a walk on a very flat course! We are trying to have the biggest team!

5. It’s official! The Kellogg Center contract has been signed for our fifth annual Benefit Concert! April 16, 2016. Save the Date!

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