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Five For Friday 7/1/11 +1

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.
  • 1 day of PT.
  • Prolotherapy Round 6.  More to come about this round.

2.  Brad and I spent last weekend in Spring Lake with Jill, Daric, my MIL, Lee, my FIL, Tom and nieces.  We spent a beautiful day at the beach, grilling out, and getting ice cream.  We are definitely looking forward to more Spring Lake visits this summer.   I cannot believe I don’t have any pictures to share!

3.  Sunday night, Jill, Daric, Brad, and I went to the U2 concert!  I will also be posting more about this; but for now I will say that it was more than a concert to me….It was a show and an experience like none other I have ever witnessed.  I only cried four times; thanks Daric for putting up with me 🙂  I was just so thankful to be there.

4.  Some unexpected surprises this week…

  • Look what Brad surprised me with!  Aren’t they the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen?  Better than Christian Louboutin’s.  I will be able to kick therapy’s butt even more sporting these…
  • My friend Sara surprised me with this shirt and a very special card.  Little does she know that her courage and strength amazes ME everyday!
  • My Aunt Mada reminded me what life is all about with this song…I really, REALLY needed the reminder this week.

5.  For date night, Brad and I tried out the new Chinese Restaurant, Xiao, in Lansing.  I am not a huge fan of Chinese food, but I do have to say that it was very tasty.  Here are our fortunes…

+1.  Amanda and Shane are getting hitched today!  Amanda was a gymnast with Allie and I, and our families have become close over the years.  Last night, Allie, Gabe, Brad, Mom, Dad, and I went to the rehearsal dinner at Enso.  It was a beautiful night.  Congrats Amanda and Shane~Can’t wait for the wedding tonight!
The Bride and Groom
Gabe and Al
Scott and Gabe
Scott, Paul, Erica
Friends Forever
Amanda has always let me kiss her since Allie usually refuses my kisses
JT, me, Big Gare
The fam minus a few..Where’s Brad?
He better get used to me

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