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Five For Friday 7/22/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

Slow on the medical front this week!  I still need a new neck though!

    • 1 day of PT
    •  2 days of Home Rehab
    • I received the book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People from Dr. Grubb.


2.  We spent last weekend in Minnesota celebrating Eric and Teal’s nuptials. Here’s a few pictures from our adventure…and boy, was it an adventure.  I have not laughed that hard in a long time.

Jason and Todd-so excited
Don’t be fooled by my smile~I was shaking and breaking Brad’s hand
Sara and I with Jason 😉
I can now say I’ve been to the Mall of America, which I have also nicknamed, PPN~”POTS person’s nightmare”
 Catching up!
Brad and Eric on the “Wedding Eve Eve”
First time playing pull tabs…Not one winner!
Making memories
Group shot by the St. Croix River
 We spent a lot of time in this pool
Rehearsal Dinner
Me and Sara= Great Buds
Lunch at B Dubs before the wedding
Girls in black
Strike a pose
Ryan and Scott were trying to rock our pose 🙂
Brad doing his groomsman duties
Such a beautiful couple! Mr. and Mrs. Bassett!
They didn’t get the message that we were walking like Egyptians
Grandma Wanda’s jam is amazing!  I came home with 5 more jars.
Peach soup!
Hanging out after the wedding


3.  On Wednesday, Stephanie (My SIL) brought Kendall (our niece), and Jill (SIL) brought Cameron and Jameson (our nieces) to Lansing to visit.  We ended up having lunch at El Azteco and then spending the day at Impression 5.  Impression 5 has such a great new play room for kids, ages birth-4.  Plus, it was the one room in the place that was air conditioned!


Cami was chowing down on some salsa
It’s definitely a challenge to get all three to look at the camera AND smile at the same time.  Still so cute!
4.  I drove to my Dad to his foot appointment.  The good news is his foot is all healed and he is out of his boot.  The bad news for him, and the great news for my Mom, is it’s back to chores for him; especially mowing the lawn 🙂
5.  I found this shirt in Minnesota at the “Life is Good” Store!
A “Life is Good” Zebra!

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