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Five For Friday 7/22/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • I went to Sparrow on Monday thinking I was picking up equipment to redo my home sleep study and found out that since my insurance switched, I had to do an in-lab study. So about 5 hours later, I was hooked up to a million wires in my bed at Sparrow for the night. Surprisingly, I slept more than I thought I would and it wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be : ) I was told I will get the results in a week!
  • 1 Day of PT. More core work after cardio.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. Should have been 2-3. Need to step it up this week.

2. My friend Angie and I spent last weekend at my aunt and uncle’s house in Cinci watching my two cousins, and having a BLAST…floating in their pool, eating lots of ice cream, loving up my fam, and seeing one of our besties, Theresa and her family. It was one of those weekends when you go to bed on Sunday night, with a heart that feels like it may just burst from happiness and love.

3.  We have a few traditions every summer and one of them is DAVE! A bunch of us saw Dave Matthews Band on Wednesday night. Loved the set-list, LOVED the encore, but one of these times, I WILL get to see him perform Pig live!

4. I am down to 20 tax-deductible receipts to mail until I am caught up! Woohoo! Feels good.

5. My Dad has been in the hospital since Wednesday with a COPD flare and low oxygen levels. Good vibes, juju, prayers, etc would be appreciated…Hopefully he will get to come home this weekend. Fingers crossed.

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