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Five For Friday 7/26/13

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • No doctor’s appointments OR PT. Quiet medical week!
  • 4 Days of Home Rehab.

2. I have survived 3 FLEXcity Fitness classes so far. These classes are no joke. I leave soaked and relieved I can still stand. It is an hour of alternating between cardio and strength training. I’m loving it for many reasons: one, because it is pretty easy to modify the exercises if needed. For example, when everyone is sprinting on a low incline, I will speed walk on a high incline to keep the burn, but to allow less impact on my joints. The class works my whole body which is so important when you have a connective tissue disease. Could I have done the class a year ago? I doubt it, so I’m feeling pretty good that my body is able to push through right now. One thing I have had to accept, however, is that if I do a class, I must come home and take the time to recover and nap. I’ve had to become okay with that.

3. My sister and gorgeous nieces have been in town all week. We have played a lot of princess games, watched Despicable Me and Aladdin, danced, fed the ducks at MSU, ate on campus, shopped, and have done a lot of hanging out and just being together.




Those cheeks.


Those eyes.

4. I’ve also been loving sister time. There’s nothing like it.


5. I just want to say that all of the emails many of you fellow zebras have sent lately have made my day. Each and every one of them makes me smile. Thank you to all who reach out. It helps me just as much, hearing YOUR stories and knowing I’m not alone on my EDS and POTS journey. Love you all, my zebra family.

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