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Five For Friday 7/29/11

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • 1 Day of PT.  We worked a lot on trying to get my lower scaps to fire properly.
  • Round 7 of prolotherapy on my ribs, neck, and jaw.  Yes, jaw. I return in 6 weeks for round 8.
Not the most flattering picture, but you get the idea.

2.  Last Friday, Jill, Daric, Jameson, and Cami met us in East Lansing to see one of our favorite bands, Steppin’ In It.  Seeing Steppin’ In It outside on a perfect summer night is one of my very favorite things to do. 

Jameson gettin’ down
Cami loving the live music
and her Uncle Brad
and the metal ducks
I heart you Steppin’ In It (with Racheal Davis, aka Shout Sister Shout)

3. Saturday afternoon, Meghan, Sebastian, and Jackson came to visit.  The only problem with our visits is we never have enough time.  We could sit and chat all day.  But I will definitely take all of the time that we do have together. 

It was HOT and Jackson was not having anything to do with clothes.  Can’t say I blamed him.
Friends for 22+ years

After I posted this a while back, Meghan made it her mission to find the actual Dr. Seuss Book.  She was successful and surprised me with the book!
“So you see! There’s no end to the things you might know,
depending how far beyond zebra you go!”

4.  I would like to introduce you to my brand new baby…

5.  And I would also like to introduce you to my drug of choice so far this summer…


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