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Five For Friday 7/6/12

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Late, late, LATE!  Here’s a quick version before the new week starts!

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 2 hard days of Home Rehab.  I pushed myself more than I have in a while.
  • No Physical Therapy.  My PT was on vacation.
  • I saw my OMM doc.  She wants me to get my left
    ovary checked out just to be safe since I keep getting pain in that area…so back to the primary care doc I go…She also put my ribs, hips, pelvis, and tailbone back into place since they like to be naughty and move around to places they shouldn’t go.  She finished our session with some cranio work.
  • At the doctor my blood pressure was 88/50.  It is kind of amusing to watch nurses I have not had before take my BP, then again, and again, and again, to be sure it really is “that low.”  I had to down some salt and raise it a bit before I could drive.  Good ol’ POTS.

2.     I posted this video on my old blog, but I think it’s time I post it again on Life as a Zebra in honor of receiving Marcel the Shell, the BOOK this week! It is one of my favorites of all time!  It never fails to make me smile.

3.  My friend Theresa and I had a true girls day of shopping, lunch, and pedis.  I ended the day with extremely blue, patriotic toes.

4.  The following is a beautiful dedication from my former coach, John, as he and his wife, Kathryn, leave for the London Olympics with the amazing Jordyn Wieber! Tears and goosebumps!

“In 1996 our lives changed forever. We were heading into Championships of the USA with a shot at qualifying Katie Teft to the Olympic Trials when the wheels fell off. We found ourselves scrambling to find a new gym in the midst of trying to make an Olympic team. Needless to say it was a very stressful time.

I am forever grateful for the group of people that surrounded us at that time. Supportive, loyal and committed to assisting us in whatever way possible. In May we were without a gym, July 1 we opened Twistars USA thanks to these great people. I write this on Facebook hoping that the message will in some way find its way to those wonderful people who held us up in a very trying time.

The Ackersons, Dama’s, Groves, Snellenbergers, Petersons, Duane Haring, Greens, Berry’s, Taylors, Pfieffers, Coates, Tefts, Mcintosh’s, Eldredge’s, Killians, Harris’s, Knops, Obriens, Odles, Schraubens, Nelsons, MacDonalds, Dupusi’s, Winegars and Warners and MORE! Thanks 

We will participate in the 2012 Olympic games this summer, the highlight of any coaching career, yet none of this could be possible has it not been for those that took a risk and believed in our vision. We thank you all and dedicate this summers accomplishments to YOU!”

~John Geddert


TUESDAY! Enough said. So Stoked!

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