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Five For Friday 7/7/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Recovery, recovery, recovery. NO PT, no home rehab. (I wasn’t allowed to because of the septoplasty, so just good ol’ RECOVERY.
  • Monday, I had to get my nose splints out at the hospital. Holy crapballs, those things must have been up my brain hole they were so ginormous. Good thing it went so fast…or I may have slapped my extremely nice doctor. I have so much less pressure now, which is awesome. Feels like I lost a few pounds!

2. Best thing ever…So, I know Nate and Isabely from my school. Nate works the YMCA program, and Isabely was a student at Wexford. I received this message last week: “Ms. Katie, Isabely and I were disappointed to see that you couldn’t make your trip to Chicago. We thought it would be a nice gesture to take some photos representing you from our trip to the city so that in a way you could have a sense of being with us on the trip as well. Feel better!”

The sign said, “Ms. Katie” at the top, and in big bold letters it says “ZEBRA”, and It also has the slogan “Zebras make hoofbeats too.” Unbeknownst to me, they took this sign all over Chicago and took pics with it. I told you. BEST thing ever. So touched…so thoughtful. Love, love.

3. BASEMENT. The purging, daily trips to Goodwill, and throwing crap out continues. I think I put in about 30 hours last week going through everything and organizing it in ways that makes sense. It feels good, but blows my mind how much crap was down there. My goal is to be done this week…we will see.

4. Day 8 of nose recovery, I was able to take my “nose hammock” off, and go on a real outing. Brad and I went bathing suit shopping. I got a bunch of random pieces to mix. Brad tried on his first two suits, bought them, and was ready to go in 4 minutes. Not even kidding. It felt like getting to the register to pay for mine took two hours of wrestling dinosaurs, trying not to punch something or cry, and saying some “grumpy” words.

5. We are off to Spring Lake/Grand Haven for Brad’s family’s beach weekend. My first time in a bathing suit and at a beach this summer. Pretty stoked to feel that sand!

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