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Five For Friday 7/8/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.
  • I saw Dr. Klauer at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center on Friday in Mishawaka to get my mouth appliance adjusted and loosened.
  • I finished Twistars camp on Thursday so I had Friday to allow my body to die. I barely moved all day, except to change my ice or heat. It was a MUCH needed recovery day.

2. Saturday morning, I left for Detroit to fly to Philly. I arrived in Philly Saturday afternoon, my Dad picked me up from the airport, and we met up with my mom, my sister, and her family at a hotel in Valley Forge to hang out by the pool and just chill. Heaven.

3. Sunday, we bummed around King of Prussia a bit, and then went to my sister’s house in South Philly for the rest of the trip. I played, and played, and PLAYED with my three and six-year-old nieces after a quick nap. Let’s just say, I am a pro at being a super girl now.

4. We spent the 4th and 5th just hanging out with the fam with some good eats. Oh yea, there was a lot of building, dress up,  and playing too. Those two girls have my heart. That’s the truth.

5. I flew back to Michigan on Wednesday, and spent the rest of the week recouping and catching up on life. I would not have changed the last few weeks for anything, but I am glad summer is now slowing down a bit for both Brad and me. I am in need of some time for house projects, to just BE and recharge, and to catch up Zebra Work!

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