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Five For Friday 8/16/13

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • I saw my OMM doctor this week, which was extremely needed. When all was said and done, I had 6 ribs put back into place, my OA joint in my neck was released, and my sacrum was put back into place. I would be in rough shape without my frequent OMM visits.
  • Talk about being in rough shape without certain doctors. I would be pretty lost without my psychiatrist, Dr. Rosen. We are going on 15 years together, and he has gone through every trial and triumph with me through the years (The good, the bad, and the UGLY). I saw Dr. Rosen on Thursday which was timely said I had a major case of the “all my siblings are far away again” blues. I always explain leaving my visits with him as being able to breathe in and out with clarity. I firmly believe that your body can’t be healthy if your mind is not.
  • I am currently taking a month off of PT to see how I do on my own.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. That number should be higher.

2. It was back to school for me this week. I had meetings on Monday and Wednesday and then started setting up my classroom after my Wednesday meeting. I’ll be back in on Monday, and my goal is to have most of the room set up and ready to go by next week. It’s happening…Soon the room will be full of wide-eyed, beautiful 4 & 5 year olds.

3. Kristen left last week. Andy left Thursday. Allie left Thursday. I was a snot bubbling mess Wednesday night because that’s how I roll. Allie and I have been pretty much attached at the hip since May. I am fully aware that this summer was the only summer that we will have that much time together again. Thursday night, I needed to do something with myself so I made this for memories sake and for therapeutic value.

Click the link below for a blast of our summer memories:


4. We had the Life as a Zebra Foundation’s first board meeting Tuesday night. It was pretty awesome to come together and share ideas and goals for the upcoming year to continue to carry out our mission of invisible illness awareness, education, and research. A few of these goals include the next benefit concert (April 12), more outreach with the community and medical figures, grant research, and designing our own awareness materials.

LAAZF Board Meeting

Board Members Not Pictured: Mike, Sebastian, & Kristen.

5. Brad and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Sunday. We had an incredible dinner and visit to Hawk Hollow (where we got married). We go back there every year. It’s tradition.



The crazy, ginormous dessert the restaurant gave us.  We took about 2/3's of it to my family afterwards.

The crazy, ginormous dessert the restaurant gave us. We took about 2/3’s of it to my family afterwards.


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