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Five For Friday 8/17/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can actually talk about ultrasounds! Because I am high risk in four areas, I get to see the babe often…I guess that is a plus of being a GERIATRIC pregnant woman…;) Monday, I had an US and baby was not having it. It was in the same mood I wanted to feel…curled up in a ball, sleeping, with an arm over the head so it didn’t have to acknowledge the “paparazzi.” Everything looked and measured good! I am getting to the halfway point!
  • I had to go to my PCP to get my annual accommodation letter for my school district. Easy peasy.
  • I am being referred to a dermatologist because I have a cyst that won’t leave. My PCP has tried twice to remove it and it keeps returning, so now it is time for the big guns. Fun. Times.

2. After my Dad and now Brad, Tuesdays are turning out to be surgery day around here. Brad went in for knee surgery Tuesday afternoon. He did really well. Dr. Shingles was happy with it and said he will feel a lot better once he gets back on his feet. His meniscus was torn like he thought, and was a bit worse than he anticipated…said it was shredded but he was able to clean it up and fix it. It’s been recovery time around here!

3. Classroom!!! I finally got in there…it’s currently at a point where if kids came tomorrow, I could do it…BUT, there are still a zillion and one things I want to get done. I decided to take today off, do some shopping for the classroom instead, and get back at it next week. Plus, my body aches. Need to rest the joints a bit…

Summerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Come backkkkkkkkkk!

4. We have been working on a long overdue, brand new website for Life as a Zebra Foundation. It’s a lot of work, and is pretty time consuming, but it will be so worth it…stay tuned…

5. Such a good one. Think before you judge.

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