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Five For Friday 8/19/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. I tried out more circuit training after cardio.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.
  • I had my 6 month cleaning at the dentist. No cavities!

2. Monday, I went into my classroom for the first time and just stared at the pile of chaos. After a few hours of moving furniture, I was definitely feeling better about life. Wednesday and Friday I was back at it, and I’m happy to now say that if kids had to start today, I’d be ready! Now, I just need a teaching partner. Minor detail ; ) I am guessing interviews will be done next week. Fingers crossed!

3. Speaking of classrooms and teaching, Brad has declared that I have a school supply buying addition. Happens every year. I will own it. And yes, I may need an intervention. But when crayons and colored pencils and markers and glue sticks are 50 cents and they are usually $2.50 or more, you stock up…and up…and up…sighhhhhhhhhhh. : )

4. On the zebra front, I have been working on catch up stuff when I haven’t been in the classroom: Getting an email blast ready, following up on the POTS research being done by Dr. Grubb’s team, and working on getting website updates ready to go up.  There’s never enough time! Here is the latest on the research (from Dr. Kenneth Hensley from UT):

“Our team is continuing to refine the assays and we are working to identify which proteins are being recognized and attacked by the antibodies in POTS patients’ bloodstreams. Our hope is to continue to try to identify novel immunoglobulins in POTS sera.”

5. I think I may have taken “National Ice Cream Day” celebrating to a whole new level. Three nights this week…Yikes.

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