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Five For Friday 8/21/15

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of PT. Holy cow, it’s a workout. So far, it has been a wonderful balance of cardio, strengthening, and manual medicine. And for the record, I hate planks. Hate them.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.
  • I saw Larry on Tuesday. Like every August, we did my medical accommodation letter for the upcoming school-year. Larry also did quite a bit of work on my ribs. I felt like I could move and breathe afterwards. I’m feeling pretty thankful for my medical team these days.

2. Two days in my classroom this week, and it is almost ready for kids! I love the feeling of having everything clean, organized, de-cluttered, and new to begin the year. Now, to keep it like that…: ) And to stop spending money! I have an addiction. It’s a problem. It’s called school supply shopping. Gah.

3.  Monday night, I turned in my 2013 Escape for a 2015. Ford is having some really great early-bird, lease turn-in incentives right now. For my new Escape, my payment actually went down $50 a month, AND I am getting a $500 rebate. Score.

4. I watched this video the other day. It was pretty timely, as I am gearing up to get ready to start a new school year. Just wanted to share.


5. Gympalooza is tomorrow! 1-7! Life as a Zebra will be out in full force. If you are around and able, come out and see us!


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