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Five For Friday 8/30/13

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 4 Days of Home Rehab.  Since I am still off from PT for a little longer, I am much more limited with equipment, so therapy has consisted of a lot of treadmill or outside walking with steep inclines, a lot of joint strengthening exercises (supermans, glute fires, squats, etc.), and a lot of light weight lifting for my upper body.
  • Zero doctors appointments this week AND next week (so I can get used to school).  Amazing.
  • The Big “P” was the name of the game this week since it was officially back to work, and because sleep and I are still sharing a love-hate relationship. I had to check in with my body regularly, to keep reminding myself to pace.

2. All of my paperwork is officially in for my professional teaching certificate (no longer provisional).  I finished all of the requirements on Tuesday at 1:00, and it was mailed on Tuesday at 1:30.  Even though I have until June to apply, I still have nightmares about that horrible August day two years ago (see the post below) so I made it a point to get it in as early as I possibly could!


3.  The rest of the week was mostly dedicated to school; making sure the classroom is ready to go on Tuesday, planning with my team teacher, planning with the other early childhood teachers, attending professional development meetings, and a staff meeting. As I was putting together the list of birthdays I always type up for my reference, it blew my mind that these babies were born in 2008 & 2009. Craziness. I am SO excited to meet these little ones!

4.   Last weekend, Brad was gone on a guys weekend, so I spent a lot of time at one of my guilty pleasures; New York & Company. I was super proud when I walked out of the store with $650 worth of stuff for $180.  If anyone needs to know how to bargain shop, I’m your girl. My Mama taught me well.

5.  MSU Football is back! Since I worked in my classroom a lot of game day, I decided to skip the tailgating to rest and recover before the 8:00 game last night.

sparty on

Or in my case, “Keep Pacing and Sparty On”

(You can tell I am back to work because I did not take one picture. I will try to do better next week.)

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