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Five For Friday 8/31/18

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Last day of August! Is it me or does it feel like August was 67 days long?!

Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. They worked me so HARD. I finally had to speak up and say enough because I knew I still needed to drive home. That does not happen very often.
  • Sucked at home rehab this week. I slept through my usual times most days. Such a tired week.
  • Sunday, I was in urgent care with most of Lansing. Had a pedicure Saturday…woke up to the start of an infected toe on Sunday. Sooo, off I went. I was given topical antibiotic cream since pregnancy frowns on most antibiotics and the ones I could take, I am allergic to. I am happy to report that it is WAY better now, thank goodness.


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And wonderful, and rewarding, and amazing, and hard, and hilarious…But exhausting too. Some highlights from the week:
*”What kind of school is this? Y’all put grass on your sandwiches?” (Lettuce)
*”You got fatter since last time.” (Last year)
*”Can I listen to your stomach and see what the baby is telling me?”
*”I don’t do letters or numbers. I only do play dough.”
*(To me when beginning a lesson with this child) “Hey, girl. Can you move?”

Bring on September and the long weekend! I’ll be here barely moving if you need me. Cheers to a new year!


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I love these peeps with all my heart! We spent Saturday night at the Avett Brother’s Concert and it did not disappoint. Also, an angel appeared at the gate and gave us close pavilion tickets instead of our lawn tickets so that was pretty stellar. (Baby’s first concert!)

4. Guys, I have a new pet peeve. The fact that if you want maternity clothes around here, you must buy them online. Not cool…I want to try them on! Grrr. I may be making a trip to the outlet mall this weekend.

5. I love this…

“Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.”

Have a beautiful, holiday weekend friends!

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