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Five For Friday 9/1/17

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Holy Cow, it’s September. So long, summer. I love you.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 Days of Home Rehab. No PT this week.
  • First week back to school. Hence, not a lot of sleep. It was a tired one.
  • I have learned the last few years that it is best to clear my schedule the first few weeks I’m back to school in order to function and adjust…as long as I still get some workouts in on my own.

2. Like I said: First week back. Meetings, classroom setup, open house, and more classroom setup. The room is finally looking pretty great. And open house was a success. I love seeing the new faces; the excitement, the curiosity, and the big, nervous eyes. I think those were the same eyes I had when I saw we have 27 in our class this year ; ) !

3. We were trained in Yoga4Classrooms this week. I loved having a professional development session that was about focusing on becoming our best selves, and helping children become their best selves, rather than meetings on just data and assessments. Refreshing. SO refreshing.

4. We spent last weekend in Cinci with family and friends, around the pool, at a Reds game, and seeing THE AVETT BROTHERS. Seriously, what more can you ask for? Perfect weekend.

3. This is the first weekend we have been home in a month. And I cannot wait. Besides some last minute school-work, housework, and a few appointments, I am taking this long weekend to rest, recover, and find my CALM before it’s back to the grind.Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! xo

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