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Five For Friday 9/13/13

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab/Strengthening/Lifting.  This is a huge improvement over last week.
  • I saw my OMM doctor on Thursday.  I had a fever which is weird because I wasn’t feeling terrible.  It was also one of those appointments when the nurse took my blood pressure, stopped, looked at me with concern and said, “I’m not sure how you are still talking to me with a blood pressure this low.” That was my cue to down some soy sauce and lie down.  Once, I saw the doctor, she worked from my pelvis to my neck.  Let me just say that for someone so hypermobile, it’s pretty crazy how stuck my OA joints (neck) get. Thursday night I took her advice, and went and bought a can of tennis balls, and made a tennis ball sock.  When I am having neck problems I am supposed to lay on the two tennis ball (inside of the sock) placing the tennis balls right at the base of my skull for five minutes.  This is to hopefully open up the areas that repeatedly get stuck and cause me quite a bit of pain.



Ready to lay on.

2. I was surprised with these from two of my former students and their Mom.  So cute and so sweet. I have to find the perfect place to put them!


Meet Florence who “protects you from illness and disease” and her friend, Jivin’ Jane who “Empowers you to dance to the beat of your own drum.”

3. I survived another week of school.  It is definitely an adjustment period for me right now, which often feels like a roller coaster in terms of my body cooperating, and therefore my mental well-being. I made a conscious effort this week to be kinder to myself and when I would start to get upset or frustrated, I would remind myself that like anything else, I will get creative and figure out what works and what doesn’t so I will be okay to do everything I need to do.  I also allowed myself to say “no” a little more which is often really hard for me, but often really necessary. Getting adjusted to this work schedule is a process, not a sprint…with pacing and rest as my best friends!

4.  One of the highlights of my week was I got to talk to this guy:


My brother, Andy (holding our niece).

He is in the Army, stationed in Texas, and is often in the field for days, so our talks are few and far between right now.  He gave me the Army-spirited kind of pep talk I needed to hear, and I harassed him about girls.  Sounds about right.

5.  My pre-kindergarteners started this week, which was such a great feeling to finally have my class complete.  It is kind of surreal because one of my students is the son of my best friend since childhood.  Meghan and I grew up together, we traveled the country as gymnasts together, and we have shared just about every milestone there is to share…together.  Now I get to add “teaching her son” to that list.  It’s pretty crazy when I think about.  And pretty awesomely amazing.

This is a picture of Meghan and me from when we were 13.  We were in Vegas for a gymnastics meet.

This is a picture of Meghan and me from when we were 13. We were in Vegas for a gymnastics meet.

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