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Five For Friday 9/15/17

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 after school Infusion on Wednesday to get through the rest of the week.
  • 3 HARD home workouts.
  • Brad and I walked two nights this week instead of one. Progress.
  • On some new meds right now that are making me a bit “curvier.” Kinda sucks but we do what we gotta do, right? Hoping it’s temporary.

2. I feel like my weeks are so boring for this blog right now. Teaching, adjusting, teaching, adjusting, working out, eating, napping, adjusting and repeating…Let’s see how creative I can get with this. I am going to title 3-5, “Things I Currently Love.”

3. First: Okay, so I caved. I bought the Redefine Rodan and Fields Skin Regimen. AND I got the eye cream. I was hoping to hate it because of the price, but I am sorry to say I’ve fallen in love. It really does make my skin feel and look better. I need like six more jobs.

4. Second: Green Goddess Cobb Salad at Panera. Well, pretty much anything at Panera. I could eat there everyday. I think I had that salad three times this week. Yum.

5. Third: September summer days. I always want to hang on to summer as long as I can. I love wearing sandals and dresses to school. C’mon warm weather, please stay around longer. You did really well last week.

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