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Five For Friday 9/18/15

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I sat down to type and immediately thought to myself, “What DID happen this week?” I’ll tell you what happened. My pre-schoolers started school on Tuesday and joined my kindergarteners. Whew. What a whirlwind…A tired, funny, crazy, messy, beautiful blur…

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. I am continuing to do a lot of cervical strengthening and joint preservation exercises.
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. Treadmill and floor strengthening.
  • I saw Larry on Tuesday. He mostly worked on my neck and jaw. Holy pain when he goes into my mouth to release my jaw. But it always works…Larry also renewed my handicap sticker. I always have mixed feelings about this. I don’t like the times when I need to use it (at all), but I am very grateful to have it. It has made life easier and has helped me feel less sick on many occasions.

2. Like I said, pre-schoolers were my world this week. That and rehab. Adorable, wide-eyed, first-time-at-school, pre-schoolers. I took a lot of naps this week : )

3. I have been taking a hiatus from foundation work to get re-adjusted to school. Last year, I learned the hard way that I needed September and October to get ME okay and adjusted, before jumping into more Life as a Zebra Foundation work. It’s a hard thing for me, but necessary.

4. My beautiful niece, Cecilia Jane, started Spanish immersion kindergarten this week in Philadelphia! I admit I cried on my way to school about it! Time needs to slow down!  (It’s funny because she now has time off after two days, since school is cancelled while the Pope is in Philly).

5. Other highlights of my week: I found a new delicious Middle Eastern restaurant, one of my students told me he loved me because I felt so soft like his pet snake, I went to yoga and my body did not fall apart afterwards, I actually made it to a tailgate last Saturday with my sibs, and Spartan football is here! GO Green!

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