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Five For Friday 9/23/11

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Can you believe it?  It is actually Friday and I am posting.  Too bad work, therapy, being sick, and prolotherapy pretty much cover my week.  I’ll try my best to think outside of the box…

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • 1 Day of PT.  I was on the Reformer for most of the session.
  • I went to Urgent Care on Sunday.  I ended up having an ear infection, sinus infection, and fever.  Thank God for antibiotics, and that my heart rate and blood pressure decided to check out “normalish” at the appointment.
  • I had my eighth round of prolotherapy today in Mishawaka.  I’m hurtin’ now, but “this too shall pass.” More on my appointment soon.

2.  I am debating going to see Bob (Seger) again.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow for the November concert at Eastern Michigan.   The problem?  It’s a school night AND it’s one of those decisions that I have to really think about in terms of sickness vs. doing something I really, REALLY love.  We will see, but I’m thinking I’ll have to pass this time around.  Bob, you better come back to your home state again!

3.   Modern Family Premiere=Hilarious.  A definite highlight of my week.

4.  A conversation with one of my beautiful kindergarteners:

Child:  “Why do you have to leave after lunch everyday?”

Me: “So I can do my exercises to keep my body healthy so I don’t get sick.”

Child: “Oh, like my Mom.  She does exercises so her butt don’t get bigger.”

Me:  “Well, not exactly…” 

Thankfully, this child had already moved on to doing something else.  As I thought more about it, I guess he’s right in a way…You could say that I also do my exercises so my butt doesn’t get bigger either. Gotta love 5-year-olds.

5.  Football Pros and Football Woes:

Pro:  I won my Fantasy Football week.

Woe:  MSU and Notre Dame.  Just plain ugly.

Pro: Always proud to be a Spartan.


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