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Five For Friday 9/27/19

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • One Day of PT. Elliptical, circuit training, electrical stim, OMT.
  • One visit to urgent care. Sinus infection. 10 days of antibiotics.
  • One shrink appointment.

2. The highlight of my month…my BFF, Theresa and her family came back to visit for the weekend. It felt like I blinked and it was over, but it felt so, SO amazing to get to squeeze her again.

Reunited again. Full heart.

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3. Someone tell me my child will sleep someday…and that pure exhaustion won’t kill me…beginning to wonder…

We have hit a major sleep regression and oof, it’s rough. I even took her in to get her ears checked because I was sure something was wrong. Nope. Just waiting on a top tooth and going through separation anxiety. Pray for me, y’all. So tired.

4. National Daughter Day. I’ve never known a love as pure as this. Beyond blessed.

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5. We survived the first day with our new Thursday nanny. Lucia even slept. I was worried because of her latest separation anxiety (which I know is a positive developmental milestone) but still, can be heartbreaking. I went to my appointments, and came home to a happy little girl. Relieved.

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