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Five For Friday 9/28/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • Busy week of appointments! I saw my shrink on Tuesday. It was a long, overdue appointment. I must get back to making mental health a priority.
  • I took Wednesday off from school for my 24 week ultrasound and OB appointment. Baby J was moving and waving. I am definitely feeling baby more which is ahhhmazing. Cervix looked good, baby looked good, heart rate and measurements were good…keep doing your thing, baby.
  • Got my head stitches out on Wednesday.
  • Got my flu shot.
  • Acupuncture appointment. She puts the needles in my legs and head. As usual, I passed out and had to be woken up.
  • Struggling with more headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain. I think things may be getting looser as I grow bigger with baby. Watching this closely so I can be proactive.

2. Things I didn’t realize that happen during pregnancy before this adventure:
*Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel

*Your feet “gain weight” too. I’ve gone from a size seven to an eight.
*It’s hard to find a balance when eating between starving and feeling like I may burst and throw up from feeling so full.
*People become BOLD in what they say.
*People also smile at you a lot more.

3. You GUYS. I am going to see GARTH. On my BIRTHDAY. This has been on my bucket list since I have been a child. Allie and I decided we would go to Vegas to see his as soon as we could…and then he announced he’s coming to Indiana. We may have spent a fortune…but YOLO. Counting down the days!

4. Last weekend, Brad and I spent a gorgeous weekend in Boyne City on Lake Charlevoix with his family. We finally made it to the Cross in the Woods which did not disappoint.  Some places just make you feel things. We also hunted for Petoskey stones, went to dinner, and did a bit of shopping. Beautiful weather, beautiful company. Just what the doc ordered.

5. Here’s my dose of perspective for the week:

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