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Five For Friday 9/6/13

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of Home Rehab.  I really failed this week at finding the energy or the time to rehab. This obviously has to change.
  • No PT. My “break” is almost over.
  • No doctor’s appointments.
  • I spent Labor Day going to Urgent Care not once, but twice, for an infected toe from a pedicure. Long story.
  • Insomnia. Sigh. You all know it’s my fave (insert sarcasm here). I have to keep reminding myself that, “this too shall pass.”

2. It was my first week back teaching with my new kids! They are beautiful, and curious, and loving, and smart, and ACTIVE, and honest, and so, so much more. I felt like a very lucky teacher as I got to know my kindergarteners and their families this week.

However, this is a place to be honest, so I won’t pretend. It was a really hard week physically for me.  It was pretty difficult to get my body to cooperate.  I got sick quite a few times and had more blood pooling than I’ve had in a while. I think this was largely due to not sleeping well and going back to a much faster pace of life. I had a few breakdowns, but have since gained some perspective. It is what it is, and with a lot of love, support, rehab, adjusting, and pacing, I will make it.

SO, if you have tried to contact me and I have not responded, please be patient because I will! I just have to get my bearings again. Thank you for understanding!

3.  My Aunt Laurie must have known I was struggling because when I got home on Thursday, this guy was waiting for me. He is the cutest, cuddliest, smartest, talking zebra I have ever met! I plan on bringing him to school on Monday for my show and tell. Thank you, Aunt Laurie! Such a sweet surprise.


Meet Robert. He will tell you facts all about zebras.

 4.  Today MSU played an ugly, UGLY football game but I guess a win is a win.  I got to reunite and celebrate the “W” with Chris since he was home from Georgia for the game.  We grew up together and have not seen each other in a long time.



Apparently Uncle Steve and Chris didn’t get the memo that it was a goofy picture. Or maybe my Dad and I are just living in our own crazy world?

5. I mentioned gaining perspective this week.  I received an email that affected me greatly; one that has not only touched me, but has made me really stop and give thanks for the blessings I do have in my life.  I may have had a hard week, but when I got to school on Friday, exhausted and sore, I thought to myself, “Katie, at least you are awake. At least you are alive.”

Dear Life as a Zebra Foundation,

My daughter passed away last Saturday due to EDS type 4. In memory of her, some of her family will be donating to your cause. I wish you much success in finding a cure for the horrible disease that killed my child. We live in Australia.

Life is too short, friends. Go out there and do what makes you feel alive.

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